Distribute, Repurpose & Automate Your Blog Content

You simply activate distribution and we’ll re-purpose each of your blog posts into 30 pieces of content and then we’ll schedule and distribute those pieces of content for you online.

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Just “Click” And A Human On Our Team Will Do The Rest.

While content may be king, distribution in undoubtedly queen. Without a well laid out content distribution plan, your content will fall flat on its face. Your content needs to find places to live on as many distribution channels as possible. However, content distribution is a time consuming process that pulls you away from creating content. So let us handle distribution so you can focus on what you do best.

👈 Some samples to give you a feel for our high design standard.


A Beautiful Content Distribution Dashboard: Monitor Your Content’s New Reach.

All you need to do is create content and let us know when you have a new post available for publishing. Our team will then get to work distributing your content for you. You can monitor our progress in real time, view your monthly content schedule as well as see all of the creatives our team has designed for your campaign.

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Content Distribution Engine That Runs In The Background 24 Hours / Day.

Our team works on distributing your content for you 24 hours / day. our goal is to help you “get as many lines in the water” as possible. The more content you have online, the more traffic you’ll drive to your website. 

The Broadcast Bird Distribution Stack 

We’ll distribute your content on many different online platforms. Some of these platforms are social media platforms designed to drive instant traffic and awareness about your website, while others are backlink plays designed to help you show up higher in organic search.


Increase Your Organic Position

Links (SEO)

Obtaining high quality, relevant links to your domain is essential if you want to beat your competition online. The problem is (as most SEO experts agree), is that building a quality backlink profile is both time consuming and hard. If you don’t have an active link building campaign then you’re missing out. We help naturally build up a healthy link profile for your site. 

– We do this for you!


Steal Traffic From Facebook

Facebook Posting

We prepare and optimize your content for publishing on both Facebook pages and groups. We will also re-purpose and re-schedule your blog content to help you get the most out of each blog post. We will re-purpose and schedule 4 posts (of the same article) using different text and images that are related to your blog content. We help you extend the lifespan of each post. 

– We do this for you! 


Steal Traffic From Twitter

Twitter Posting

We will distribute your content on Twitter for you. We will not only publish your initial post on twitter, but we will also repurpose the content and schedule the content to be redistributed during strategic times. This allows you to extend the value of your blog content on Twitter and ensures you look active on social media (even when you’re not). 

– We do this for you!  


Steal Traffic From Instagram


We will re-format and schedule your blog content to be promoted on Instagram as well.  For each of your blog posts, we will create 4 Instagram posts to be scheduled to go out for the month at strategic times. We will create the IG posts to seamlessly integrate with your brand’s identity (font, colors etc). 

– We do this for you!  


Steal Traffic From LinkedIn


We will also redistribute each of your blog posts on LinkedIn for you each month. We will creatively repurpose each of your blog posts to be published 4 times on both your LinkedIn profile as well as your LinkedIn group. This helps ensure you stay front and center on your LinkedIn followers minds. 

– We do this for you! 


Steal Traffic From Pinterest


Pinterest can help you drive traffic to your site by allowing you to create “boards” that are relevant to your niche. We use your blog content to come up with ideas and we create boards that target your niche. All of the images we create link back to your site which will help you drive traffic to your site as well as give you an SEO boost. 

– We do this for you! 


Blog To Video Feature

Blog to Video

For each blog post we will create a short video highlight reel that will entice your audience to want to learn more by clicking on the link. We’ve found video to be a great tool in inspiring higher engagement on all social media platforms. We will create a short, 15 – 30 second video designed to help drive more traffic to your site. 

– We do this for you!  


Steal Traffic From Quora

Queued Content

Working with Broadcast Bird over the long run allows you to build up a massive content distribution framework. Each time we add a new piece of content to your pipeline it never goes away. Content re-distribution has a compounding effect and will only get better as more time passes. 

– We do this for you! 


Publish On Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking

Every time you publish a blog post we will also distribute your content on various social bookmarking sites like Mix,,, Pearltrees and Pocket to name only a few examples. These social bookmarking sites help you cast a wider net and have the potential to help you earn additional backlinks and traffic to your site. 

– We do this for you! 

Broadcast Bird Repurposed Content Samples

Each time we re-purpose and distribute your content we ensure that your repurposed creatives match your brands identity (colors, fonts etc). Below, are a few examples of how we repurpose our own content on social media. Below you will see sample posts for Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. 

repurpose and distribute content 5


“1 Blog Post =   25    Pieces of Content


 “A Done For You Content Repurpusing & Distribution Service.”
 Starting From as Low as $35 / Month


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

For Individuals

Solo Plan

From $40 / Month

Max 100 pieces of content / month
Max 4 Blog Posts / Month

UP TO...
16 Pinterest posts
16 Facebook page posts
16 Twitter posts
16 Instagram posts
16 LinkedIn posts
20 social bookmarks
4 Short 15 - 30 sec blog videos

* Real time access to content scheduling calendar 


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For Businesses

Pro Plan

From $80 / Month

Max 200 pieces of content / month
Max 8 Blog Posts / Month

UP TO...
32 Pinterest posts
32 Facebook page posts
32 Twitter posts
32 Instagram posts
32 LinkedIn posts
40 social bookmarks
8 Short 15 - 30 sec blog videos

* Real time access to content scheduling calendar


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For Agencies

Agency Plan

From $160 / Month

Max 400 pieces of content / month
Max 16 Blog Posts / Month

UP TO...
64 Pinterest posts
64 Facebook page posts
64 Twitter posts
64 Instagram posts
64 LinkedIn posts
80 social bookmarks
16 Short 15 - 30 sec blog videos

* Real time access to content scheduling calendar

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