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How does it work?

Broadcast Bird is an easy to use platform that allows you to outsource your content distribution, repurposing and scheduling needs. You simply sign up and give us a link to your blog. We do the rest. We’ve designed our service to be as “low touch” for you as possible. We know that many entrepreneurs don’t have the time to consistently manage their social media channels or content distribution needs. Therefore, we take this burden off them by having our team of designers and social media specialists do the heavy lifting for you.

The only part of the process we need your help is during the setup process. We want your campaign to be a huge success. So we spend some time early in your campaign to make sure our design templates match your brand. So our team of designers will spend their first few hours modifying our templates to match your brand’s image. 

You can watch the video below to learn more.

Can I see samples of post designs?
Of course. We customize each of our templates to match your brands look and feel (colors / fonts etc). However, the samples below will give you a good idea of what to expect visually.

content repurposing examples

How long does it take to create all of the media and schedule everything?

This depends on the plan you chose. We begin populating your content calendar on the first day, but it can take us up to three days to complete the work. 

Solo plan: 1 day

Pro plan: 2 days

Publisher plan: 3 days


What do you mean by "25 pieces of content / blog post"

What we mean by creating 25 pieces of content for 1 blog post is that we will put “25 lines in the water” from one blog post.

For example:

We will take 4 interesting facts or quotes from 1 article and then publish those 4 pieces of content on twitter throughout the month (in different time zones to ensure your content never feels repetitive). Each of these 4 posts will also have unique text and unique images which helps further ensure the content never feels repetitive (even though it links to the same page).

So far we’re up to 4 pieces of content.

We will then share your blog post on sites like Now doesn’t require we create an image for the post. It’s a social bookmarking site so it pulls the image and post description automatically from your blog. So this post would only count as 1 piece of content.

So far we’re up to 5 pieces of content.

See how it works? For sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram we need to create creatives (generally images) to be used with your post. For sites like Flipboard or Mix, we generally just need the link to the content as well as the tags or content description we want to use.

So for each piece of content we can do this 25 times !

Do you use AI or humans?

It’s all done by humans. There are so many nuances involved when creating or repurposing content and we haven’t seen any AI (Artificial Intelligence) do a great job of these content marketing tasks to date. So we’re 100% human. Our goal is to find the angle that will make people most likely to engage with your content.

The only part of the process that we use software to help us automate is with scheduling. There is no point in posting content manually if you you already know when you want that content to go out. There is no additional cost for scheduling as it’s already included in our prices.

Do I own the repurposed content you create? Is there any third party branding?

Yes. Every piece of content we create for you is yours to keep and reuse for as long as you want. There is NO third party branding. All posts will look and sound as if you posted them. 

How will the posts look?

Posts will always look different depending on the platform they are being published on. For example, the formatting of a Pinterest post is quite different than the formatting of a Instagram posts. Below are a few examples of how posts look on different social channels. Also please keep in mind, when possible we use your primary brand color and font for our creatives.

repurpose and distribute content 5

Who's social media channels do you post on? Yours or mine?

Yours of course! The goal is to grow YOUR social media channels and website traffic.  

Do you need access to my social media profiles?

Yes. We’re sort of like an agency, but without the agency price tag. Most social media agencies have pricing that starts between $500 to $1000 / month and they often don’t do near as much work as we do. 

Anytime you work with an agency or have team members manage your account for you, you’ll need to add “managers” to your account (generally under the “settings” –> “team management” tab). Every social media account is a little different, but it’s a pretty straightforward process that only take a couple of minutes to setup (and you only have to do it once). You simply insert our email and give us restricted access to be able to post the content we create for you on your behalf. We won’t be able to delete content or view sensitive account details. All we’ll be able to do is post on your behalf. We also, only have access to the content we create for you. We cannot access any post that we ourselves did not add. 

How long will it take to get up and running?

The short answer:

It all happens quickly. Once you sign up, you’ll be redirected to a page that will ask for your blog link. That’s all we need from you. From there, our team gets to work designing your creatives. We can get your entire month’s content calendar filled within 1-3 days. 

The long answer (what happens behind the scenes):

Growth Dashboard: Your growth dashboard can usually be setup for your within the first hour after you sign up (if you sign up during regular business hours). If you sign up outside of regular business hours, it can take up to 12 hours to setup your custom growth dashboard. Once this is setup our team gets to work familiarizing themselves with your company, your niche and your brand image. This allows us to figure out where the best opportunities are you for. 

Creatives: Next, we get to work creating your first round of creatives for each of your social media channels. This is the most time consuming part of our job since for many channels we need to design creatives to match the formatting needs of each channel. For example, the optimal image sizes for a Facebook post is different than the optimal image sizes for an Instagram post. We also need to spend the time to find the most engaging and interesting content from each of your blog posts. This can also take time. Generally speaking, 4 blog posts will take us anywhere from 3-7 days to create all of the creatives for. However, the process begins the first day and the first posts we create get scheduled immediately. 

Scheduling: Next, we begin work scheduling your repurposed content to go out at strategic times in different timezones with the use of well planned hashtags to help increase exposure. Scheduling is also an incredibly time consuming process as well. Again, we will being this process on your first day as a client with us, but it can take us between 3-7 days to finalize the scheduling of all 120 pieces of content that we’ll create from 4 of your blog posts. It will be a bit longer if you’re on a PRO plan with 240 pieces of content (6 – 14 days) or PUBLISHER plan with 480 pieces of content (12 – 28 days). 

Conclusion: Once we have all of the content created and scheduled, you can login to your growth dashboard at anytime to monitor your campaign. You’ll be able to see a calendar of what we’ve posted (or plan to post) as well as when and where we’ve posted it. 


What are the requirements for my blog content?

Our services work best for people who are creating high end blog content that contains a lot of value within the content. This makes it easy for us to repurpose the content many times while at the same time keeping the repurposed content as high quality as possible. 

We also try to use your “voice” and therefore, we look for highlighted sections of text within your posts. Essentially, the “best of the best” content from within each post. This helps ensure the posts sound like they came from you, not us. 


Do you work with all industries? Any restrictions?

We do not work with companies who sell prohibited substances, adult websites or gambling websites.

How long do results take?

You should start to see results right away. The bigger your initial following the faster your results will be. If your social media channels are currently small, then this is a great way to grow them. 

Are there only monthly plans available?

A successful content distribution campaign isn’t a one-shot activity. Entrepreneurs only reap the benefits of distribution campaign if they invest in their programs over the long run. It’s not something you do once and then forget it. It’s something that you need to remain active on month after month. For this reason, all of our plans are monthly plans that can be cancelled at any time.

We do not have expensive retainers or long contracts. We have this policy because we work with many smaller bootstrapped companies. That said, with any type of content marketing campaign, the goal is to stay active and consistent month after month. The positive effects of content start to compound after the first few months.

Do you offer phone support?

Our focus is to provide the best experience to you possible at the lowest price possible. This means we need to streamline processes and keep our administrative costs low. For this reason we do not offer phone support. However, we do respond to support and pre-sale emails within 24 hours. Similarly, we offer this extensive FAQ section where you can read answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

During regular business hours we also have a chat agent online ready to help you with any pre or post sale questions. 


I have an idea to make BroadcastBird better. Are you open to ideas?

Yes we want to make BroadcastBird as valuable to you as possible. If you have an idea or suggestion, you can add it to our feature request page here


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